Fresh off the Avocado market turmoil of last month (which has since relaxed to near record lows!) – Tomatoes are going to be at “extreme” market pricing until at least Mid-December.  California has finished harvesting for the season leaving Florida the only domestic growing area to service the nation’s demand. Baja and Mexico are both helping supply with Vine ripened crops but also struggling to find tremendous yields with cool weather trends experienced during the growing cycle. Nearly all roma tomatoes currently are imports with reasonable pricing for the season. Grape and cherry tomatoes are in a period of transition between fields with supply improving slightly week over week, however there has been no realization of relief in the market with demand from contracts and holiday adds pressing markets upward. Until winter production gets underway in December, extreme markets are expected to be the scenario for the next several weeks.


The avocado market is at a historically high level, and crops are low. Expect avocado prices to rise!

Partially due to the demand for avocado toast, the overall enthusiasm for avocados, and storms hitting Mexico and South America, the demand for avocados are high and the supplies are low.  Anyone that has taken Economics 101 can predict the result; expect prices to rise!

Typically, when the market gets like this avocados would be shipped from Chile, however, the European market is paying top prices for that crop. The next Mexican crop will be pushed back from late September due to rain, harvesting should begin in October and provide relief for the market.